Thursday, September 27, 2007

The True Beat Generation Hits The Road!

In what will surely go down as one of the greatest clerical errors in history, last week the authors of The True Beat Generation were invited to speak at the First Assembly of God in Sandusky, Ohio. Evidently, the church's aging secretary/PR administrator confused us with "The New Beat Generation of Christ," a group of reformed hippies who travel the country preaching the word of God. Never ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we accepted the church's kind offer and made the trip to the Buckeye State where we treated a small parish of no less than 39 congregants to our views on the evils of Internet pornography and its clear connection to the destruction of a healthy adolescence. They couldn't have agreed with us more.

Sadly, just as the head nodding and amens were really heating up, the bulb on our projector burned out and we were unable to proceed with our planned presentation of wholesome, family-oriented, fisting-free, pornography from the late 70's and early 80's.

They did, however, offer to invite us back for the Pentecost, so perhaps it's all for the best.

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