Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space

Horatio writes: This critical appreciation of an important piece of literature was submitted by Dov in San Francisco:

The now defunct Bookmonger in San Francisco was the place you went to as a kid for your serious reads. The shelves were packed with second-hand copies of Jack London and The Odyssey. But it was also the place where I tapped into a major source of inadvertent smut, thanks to a semi-regular supply of Easy Rider Magazines which would randomly appear in the periodical section. It was always a great mystery to me -- who would sell their copies of this magazine "for adult bikers" to such an above-board institution as the Bookmonger? In my mind, it must have been someone who looked like Michael Landon circa Highway to Heaven and I bought every copy I could get my hands on. The magazine was packed full of photographs of old biker guys on their tricked out hogs. I could not give a shit about the men or the machines. But every couple of photos or so, these old biker men would be photographed with their old biker girls riding pillion, or as I learned through my dedication to the pages of Easy Rider, in the "Bitch Seat." And it was these ladies, with their dirty hair, missing teeth, sun-blasted, tattooed skin, who thrilled the front of my eleven year old pants, thanks to their predilection for riding topless and exposing their sagging, worn-out boobs to the entire circulation of Easy Rider magazine. I did not have a bike. I did not know anyone who had a bike. But here was a culture that excited me. After rushing the magazine home to give it an adequate "test drive" in my bedroom, I would carefully cut the pictures out and collect them in a large brown envelope I kept in my desk -- the one in which I kept a playing card I had found on the street. A ten of hearts with a naked Asian woman sitting uncomfortably on one side, seemingly embarrassed to have such a great muff.

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