Monday, September 17, 2007

In The Beginning There Was Vaseline -- And It Was, And Still Is, Good

Lube-olution, Part I in a 52 week series exploring the evolution of lubricants, sponsored in part by OPEC, Crisco, but not even remotely by the Annenberg Foundation

Screw KY. The hell with Astroglide. Fuck Lubriderm. Seriously, what the hell ever happened to good old Vaseline? Was it truly not good enough? For my money, it's still the fire of the lubrication world-- Impossible to improve upon, and as just as indispensable as the day it was created.

Am I crazy? The only 30-something still nostalgic for the blue-collar goo of the gods?

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M. Alice said...

A bit messy to clean up, though...