Thursday, September 20, 2007


Horatio writes:
Paul Feig is our hero. Aside from the fact that if there was a Nobel Prize for whacking off, he would, so to speak, win it hands down, he is one of the finest comic minds alive today (Bruce Vilanch obviously excepted) Everything we do is inspired by the Feig. He was the adolescent everyman (or is there such a thing as an "everychild"?) For proof, we urge you to check out his classic tome, Superstud in which he pleasures himself, amongst other things, whilst climbing a rope in gym class, to photographic manuals, and to copies of National Lampoon. Superstud is, to our genre, what the Mormon Bible is to astute religionists.

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Anonymous said...

fieg is a treasure. his book Kick me is also exquisite