Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spring Awakening

Horatio writes: Have social scientists studied what first makes a boy, a man? And if not, why not? We would love to hear tall tales of your early days and the forces which first inspired you. This one from Dave K. now of New York City, but born and bred in London, England:

"I got my first hard-on at the age of six watching Carry on Camping – part of a classic British slapstick comedy movie franchise of the Benny Hill variety. There was an actress called Barbara Windsor in it. A short, stacked, saucy blonde. In every movie she was in, her shirt was guaranteed to get caught in the door of a vehicle about to speed off, removing the garment and leaving her for a second standing there, with those fleshy orbs exposed in the light of day. I would bet that Barbara’s were the first pair of breasts seen by 70% of the boys who grew up in the seventies in England."

See Babs in action for yourself. The grand unveiling occurs exactly a minute into this classic.

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