Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fifteen Love

Horatio writes: A lesson to us all from Texas that there is always someone worse off than you. If you have any tales that top this, we would love to hear them.

Submitted by Kevin Avon, Houston,TX:

Allow me to inject a small dose of reality into this debate, without diluting an iota of its importance. But all you gentleman who think they were hard done to for coming of age before the internet in terms of the fight they had put up to aquire porn. Bite me. Where i grew up, we did not even know porn existed!!! And so, come aged twelve, when gripped by the same urges that the rest of you were overcome by, we turned to the next best thing. Women's tennis. Thank you Chris Evert, Evonne Goolagong (nee Cawley), Tracy Austin, and Gabriella Sabatini. I, who have never hit a tennis ball in my life, watched your games obsessively with the same passion as your most dedicated fans. The only difference being, I made a point of watching with my pants around my ankles. One of the toughest matches I had was the 1985 Australian Open Final between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. I believe that "Martini" won. But that was besides the point. Making the magic happen to Chrissie when the camera insisted on cutting away to Navratilova every other shot was delicate, demanding and nuanced work. Some of my finest to that point. By the end of the match, which went to three sets, I was as exhausted as either of the ladies. If you post this, I would like to give a shout out to all those at Virginia Slims who promoted the womens game of tennis for so long. And to Hannah Mandlikova, Betty Stover, and Andrea Jaeger for retiring.

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