Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They Don't Call Them "Finger" Lakes for Nothing...

Thanks to John for reminding us of this naughty young Pawnee princess. In these recession conscious times, you've also given us reason to reconsider butter as a very economical and accessible lubricant.

Stumbled across your site when I Googled "Sears catalogue"! Wow, you've nailed life as a horny kid in the 70's!

I did not see the infamous do-it-yourself porn kit for every enterprising kid with a box of butter in the fridge. The LOL nymph could be carried in your pocket or wallet, and was good for hours of dreaming of being Chief Boob Inspector of your own Indian maiden tribe.

Just cut out the box of butter on one side, remove the maiden's knees on the other, and tape together for this delightful result.

Austin, Texas

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Onania.Org/asm said...

I always had the same reaction. I wonder if the advert department was targeting the breast fetishist demographic?