Monday, April 7, 2008

Hard Times in Bedford, MA

When Phil G first sent us this story we rejected it out of hand. It couldn't be true. Sounded like a bad joke. Phil, however, insisted the tale was not only true, but to this day was still making its way around the Eastern Seaboard. Phil, as you know, the TBG takes these matters very seriously. And if we ever find out that you fabricated all or part of this tale you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Either that or we'll just take away all your lube.

Phil writes: Growing up in Bedford, MA, I was probably 9 when I heard about these two 6-year-old kids that got a hold of a Playboy. The kids had no idea what gold they held and could only stare at it for hours on end, hoping for something to happen. After some time, one of the kids yelled to the other, "Oh my God! It's stiff! Feel it, it's stiff!" Needless to say, everyone in the town loved this story and never let those two kids forget it.

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