Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lump In The Levis

Huge thanks to Phil G. for sending in not one, but two stories in the span of a week! He writes:

This cautionary tale took place the summer between fifth and sixth grade (again in Bedford, MA). My friends Tom Mulligan, Mike Lehan, Kevin Hartwell and I were upstairs in the bedroom of a fourth friend, Mike McGrath, looking at his older brother's stash of Playboys. I had never seen one before, and was enjoying it immensely. We were all minding our business, gaping silently, when Mike Lehan, totally out of the blue, calls out "Phil has a boner!" He had no way of knowing this, as the magazine in my lap covered everything up. However, I knew two things: 1) I definitely had a boner and 2) there was no way I was going to admit it. So right away I said "I do not!" knowing that when compelled to remove the magazine, if I was lucky, it would be hidden. "Do too!" Lehan screamed. Not wanting to prolong the inevitable, I pulled the Playboy away, revealing an undeniable pup tent to the right of my zipper. They all laughed their asses off and I did my best to forget about until later that evening, when I'm standing at the plate during our little league game. From third base, Mike McGrath yells "LUMP IN THE LEVI'S!" Everyone who'd already heard about the incident cracked up and everyone who hadn't soon heard about it. It was a long summer.

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Karen said...

wow......I remember all those names/friends. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Sincerely Karen (Parker) - maiden name when I lived in Bedford. Bucky's friend and neigbor.