Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hall of Fame: Mother's of America, We love each and every one of you

Horatio writes: Mothers have many well chronicled virtues. Gatherers, protectors, nurturers. But among the things we are most thankful for at this humble blog is the extent to which every mother is complicit in their son's voyage of self discovery. Simply put, mothers are great enablers. They turn a blind eye to our vast increases in rate of tissue usage. The toilet being blocked for for four years straight. The crusty duvet and/or T-shirt that now lives under the bed used, used solely for mopping up duties. The requisitioning of every bottle of Nivea Body Cream purchased, tantamount to abduction. And of course, social scientists have proven that seven out of ten mothers were wise to that secret place we kept our porn collections -- they tidied the pile, even dusted it on occasion. But never removed it. If you have a story of this ilk, involving your mother and your greatest of pleasures, we would love to hear it.

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