Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The True True Beat Generation

Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with family in the cultural epicenter of the U.S., aka Boca Raton. In between all the gallery openings and poetry readings, I managed to sit down with my dad and brothers and talk about the good old days. I mentioned this blog, and although my dad did a fairly convincing job feigning mortification, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and it wasn't long before he was giving up a TBG story of his own. It seems that back in 1972, a good friend of my father's, Nate Schwartz, was the owner and operator of Cinema Blue (now Deja Vu) in Flint, Michigan. As it was, Deep Throat had just come out and was an instant classic. My father, evidently above watching this fine piece of filmmaking with the masses, asked his good friend, Nate, if he could borrow and bring home the reel. And, after a balmy, boozy mid-summers night Shabbat dinner, he decided it was the perfect time for a screening.

Looking back, I can imagine a father much like myself: a mischeivious rascal who delighted in shocking his friends. Without a true screen to show the movie on, he hung a sheet on the window and set up the projector right in front of it. Then he, my mother, my uncles, aunts, and even the rabbi and his wife settled in for what must have been a very uncomfortable, but hopefully humurous, viewing.

So caught up in the moment, my dad didn't realize that not only were he and his friends being treated to the wonders of a clitoris-laden throat, but so were all the neighbors and passerbys on the sidewalk! Needless to say, the rabbi's sermons never had quite the same impact.

Strong work, dad. I'm proud of you.

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