Monday, November 19, 2007

Only 36 Shopping Days Left To Christmas

Horatio writes: We love all of our advertisers, but sometimes a product is so damn intriguing, we have to feature it for free. And this is the case for ManHood, the "undergarment for men" or put more literally, a substitute foreskin for men who have been circumcised and have worked their bell end to such an extent that they have lost all sensitivity as a result. ie. most readers of this web site. The inventor, Randy Tymkin is a modern American hero. How he has not yet received Nobel prize recognition yet is frankly beyond us. Overcoming the technological challenges of engineering these little cozy penis garments is a scientific work of genius, according to the ManHood web site:
"The most troublesome part was finding a seamstress who could fit our two layers together with all of the seams on the inside. ManHood's® are small, slippery and delicate."
Click here to see them in action. According to Jonathan who bought the ManHood to our attention, they are best bought in packs of four. He wears one down below, and one on his nose in extra cold weather.

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TLC Tugger said...

OR you could use your own skin to cover the glans comfortably, effortlessly 24/7:

The Your-Skin Cone.

Better still, keep your natural foreskin in the first place, like 80% of the global population. And I just heard the infant circumcision rate in California is down to 21%. Let's hope that trend sweeps the nation.